måndag 23 juni 2008

Last cross

Here is my final cross - for now - the pattern is from an old 'DMC Tatting for today, magazine that I got in the States 1999. I tried looking for another magazine like that but have never found one. Living in Sweden does not help either in this case!

More crosses

This is from Visual Patterns by Mary Koinor. Do you see the small buttons? I never inteded from the beginning to have them there but when I discovered that I had forgotten to attach the first one of the rings in the midle I decied that instead of starting over - I'm not good at undoing tatting - I do the same with the other rings and then figure out a way to make it stick together later. Hence the buttons! I think it turned out rather fun in the end!

Other crosses

This one is just plain black but I still like it and it is from the same book as the cross for Anette, Frivoliteter by Gun Blomqvist and Evy Persson.

A cross for Anette

Sorry that it has been such a long time since I posted anything. We have had birthdays, someone quit his job with us etc etc anyhow here I am again.

I like to show you some of the crosses I made. This one is attached to a bible cover that I also made and that one is precious to me. Not because I made it but the would be recipient, a mom of 5 children, died tragically before it was finished, and so it is a precious memory of our 15 year long friendship. Thank you Anette!


I have been tagged but I'm no computor expert so could someone PLEASE tell me how I link back to Marty! And as soon as I know that and I done some serious thinking about unimportant facts about me I promise I'll get back to you all!