torsdag 3 december 2009

No order

I'm so sorry but my inputs don't came in the order I had intended it too. You have to scroll down to beginne where it starts. My blog scills are not so great I'm afraid.


Last but not least book 3

'TATTING ADVENTURES with beads, shuttle & needle' by Judith Connors. The other ones I love but this thrills me and I will probably start with trying to make the front cover pattern. Does it not look neat?

I am not a needle tatter myself, I prefer wooden shuttles and my favorit ones all comes from the Shuttle shop. I am very partial to the touch of wood and I regard all their shuttles as small pieces of art. I all ready have to many - NOT - by them but I can't seem to stop buying them when ever I have the money. But I guess we all have to have at least one addiction, I don't think shuttle addiction is too bad, do you?

Book 2

'Tatting from burda' Burda always has such excellent patterns. It does not matter if it is fabric or what have you. I just hope I can get enough peace of mind to try to make some tatting from this book.

Books 1

This is a wonderful book by Mark Myers, angels, angels and more angels. All in all 12 of them, enough - by my rate anyhow - to keep me buzy until Christmas 2010! Now the angels I'm doing now - pattern by Eileen Stafford 'Leens Tatted Angel' can get some friends of different shapes and sizes. =)

Long time no see!

Hi Guys!

Thought it was high time to update my blogg. I know I have not been the most frequent blogger but that is as it is. Anyhow I had a look at TattingChicks blog and got inspired so here I am once again. Also I recieved 3 Tatting books that I ordered from Be-stiched, Nancy Tracy, they came today and boy o boy I am a happy camper! I took photos of them and I hope you can enjoy them almost as much as me... =)

I also have to tell you that my cousin met a lady from Chile in our subway in Stockholm/Sweden. I presume she was tatting because my cousin told her of me and got me the Lady's phone number and we will get together come monday! She lives just a few stations away from where me and my family lives. Meeting tatters in Sweden is extremely rare, unless you live in the southern part of Sweden where there are more of them. Don't ask me why. I am very much looking forward to meet her!

Take care and Happy Tatting Everyone!