tisdag 23 februari 2010

Can you believe it?

Finally finished with my tatting nick nacks that has been sitting around waiting to get the end threads hidden and starched the lot of it! For some reason I put hidding the end off with a few of them because I find it soo booring. It does not improve with time I can tell you! They made a nice bouquet in my hand and it felt nice to now that I made so many off them.

I have been tatting on and off for the last year and a half, time always seems to be slipping away between my fingers. But I gues I managed an Angel once every week. The cooking of starch took 2 minutes, the work of starching the angels a little longer.... LOL. It is nice though to have finished this.

Last spring a bought light green linnen fabric in Stockholm and some realy wonderful bright multicolord thread from "Tat's a kool challenge". I have every intention of trying to make a spring bag with off the fabric decorated with the lovely colored thread from "Tat's a kool challenge" and hopefully not have to wait another year until I can post the result here at blogspot.

The photos are from my kitchen and off the proccess getting the Angels starched and I thought it could be fun to put the photos out to you guys. Sorry about the clutter but that's life for me.

Now I have all my angels in a glass book shelf - sorry my english gets a way from me - and I am thinking of what to do with them. Christmas gifts, exibition, making the choire I've been talking about for such a long time. Please feel free to give me futher ideas!

Hope you enjoy my photos!