onsdag 24 september 2008

Time and time again

I wonder how all ye folks have the time to do all your tatting! Even though this pattern was easy to follow I barely find the time and more importantly concentration to do it! Maby it is because I work at home with my phycically challanged husband (Goran got Guillian Barrés Syndrom in 2002 and was paralyzed from the ears and down, since then he has recovered toons but still needs the help of others) and when I don't work we have other assistants working 24-7. In other words, I am almost never alone when hubby doesn't need me and sometimes when he does I take care of our son. Who in himself is a challagen for mom being a very active and intelligent. I just felt I had to explain why this has taken such a long time to finish.
Well, Hubby's assistants was very happy for the gift and said she would use them at the upcoming Christening of Chalise so that was extremelly nice and grattyfing for me.
Thanks for hearing me out and thank you in advance for the comments you choose to leave! O:)

Chalise is her name

She was born on September 4th and is the daughter of one of my husbands assistants. She weighed 3.156 kilos and is the cutest thing you ever seen.

It was a girl!

And I finished the booties just an hour before they came to visit us.