fredag 19 mars 2010

Not all comments gets a place here...

Hi and especially welcome all proper readers!

I got a loooong comment in Chinese to a post here - it turned out to be a dirty one. I will never put a comment in a language I do not know of in my blog. Now I'm lucky I have a Chinese friend how could check it out and told me not to bother. It would have been fun it had been related to the subject but it was not.

All you nice and good people please feel free to comment and enjoy my blog. The rest of you Take a hike! I would not have thought dirty people would follow craft blogs but apparently the do.

Have nice weekend

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane sa...

I've had the same thing happen to me! I don't have a Chinese friend, so I used the Google translator. It's unbelievable that people will do such a thing!

***Jon**** sa...

I have received a number of those type myself. Now, when I receive any more of that kind, I don't bother to translate it, I just delete the comment. Just too bad if there are genuine comments.

Have a nice weekend, :)

OmonSan sa...

Hi Jon,

This was the first and I was kind of hoping that it would not turn out to be what it was. Foolish I know but would it not have been nice with a Chinese blog reader?! Now I have learned my leason and will in future delet them all!

Jennifer sa...

I have also gotten these messages on my blog. I believe they are spammers who randomly post anywhere and have nothing to do with what the blog is, or who the blogger is.

Nice to have come upon your blog. I have never heard of tatting before. It's been a nice discovery!

HannahZ sa...

oh you have such a great blog!!! im sorry i have to comment here its just there are so many posts of your i want to comment on but that might bother you or something. but its really great!!

to your haters: "dont hate her cause you aint her."

have a great week!!