onsdag 30 juni 2010

Same old me new location

Hi Guys!

My son and I are visiting the States right know! We're in Omaha , Nebraska, so if any of you guys now of any good tatting around here please let me know. We are enjoying the time here and and having a long aftersought vaccation!

Take care!


2 kommentarer:

Jude sa...

whenever i travel anywhere i go downtown (or the most city like place there) and visit antique shops to either take pictures or buy something really cheap and stuff my room with them. or maybe presents for the family. much better than a tourist shop..hope you have a nice trip :)

A sa...

somehow I ran across your blog and I'm reminicing to my great-grandmother's many items she tatted. And low and behold - she and I are both from Nebraska - very close to Omaha. Visit the Bohemian Cafe on 13th Street if you get the chance. :)