onsdag 23 april 2008

Sorry about teasing you guys

I really had every intention of getting the tatting bag done and then the carpenter came... so now we have toatal chaos outside and inside our building. The dust is taking over everything, white dust dust front, center and everywhere. Can you put your entire apartment in your washing machine? And then prefably have someone else clean up the mess? I promise you ladies and gentlemen that as soon as I pull myself together I'll put the bag in the blogg! God bless!

fredag 18 april 2008

Small teaser


I am in the process of finishing off a tattingbag and I have used one of Mary Koinor's patterns. I have been tatting on and off for a veeeery long time on this now but I thought that I need to get it done or else it will just lie around in my basket reminding me. There is such a thing as putting a project off for too long. Today I finished the handle and now I have to get down to the lining inside the bag. I thought that if I wrote about it in my blog I would not have any choice but to get it done. I can't talk about it and then not show it. Sometime you have to out wit yourself! Hope to see you soon! OmonSan

söndag 13 april 2008

Stiffening your project

The crown is stiffened with potatoflower, take a tablespoon of potatoflower with 2 cups of water, bring to a simmer and let it simmer for a few minutes. Add more water if you want it less thick. You can then apply it with eiter your fingers or a painting brush, don't burn your fingers though. Then let it dry, I found out that if you let it dry on paper it turns out better than if you let it dry on a cloth.

I know you can stiffen projects with sugare as well but I have not tried that yet. Does anyone else have more tipps on how to stiffen your tatting?

fredag 11 april 2008

At last!

I got it done! It is not a difficult pattern but with all the drilling that has gone on it became difficult. Still it was a lot of fun making it. My sweat hubby was kind enough and took the picture. Thank you!

The pattern comes from a old book - first printed in 1967 - in Swedish by the authors Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. I believe it is translated to English. They have several very nice patterns in this book called 'Frivoliteter' i e Tatting in Swedish. I think it is realy neat and if you don't know any brides I'm sure small girls would love to wear one and pretend to be a princess!

onsdag 9 april 2008

Something new!

Look what I
got in my mail just the other day. A wonderful Tatting Bag from DS9Designs. Thank you Deb, I love it!
It is now my permanent 'Current project tatting bag' or a travelling bag. I do love colors! In the bag is the bridal crown I'm working on, not much to show yet but I'm beginning to see the end of it and I'll put in the blog soon.

måndag 7 april 2008


These are called Blåsippor in Swedish or Blueflowers and in some parts you are not allowed to pic them since they are rare in numbers. They are pretty, arn't they? I had a wonderful weekend with long nice walks both in sunshine and with grey weather as well and absolutely no drilling within earshott!

tisdag 1 april 2008


Please excuse my english for now. There is a LOT of drilling going on because they are changing the facade of our building and replacing our old balconies with new ones. Since I work at home I have BIG problems putting two and two together. Tatting is definately out of the question so instead I thought that I would show you one of my tools and a dolie. The pattern is Mary Konior from her book 'Tatting with Visual Patterns' a very intructive and nice book.
I'm sure the result of the outside work will be very nice indeed but for now I don't like it a bit! I'm looking forward to the weekend when I'll get away to the countryside where it is both beauiful and quiet.


Here is a really neat tool. Originally it was used to repair silk stockings during and after WWII but it is great when you want to pic up a thread in a very smal picot. It belonged to my mother and I never had any use for it until I started on my current project. Which is a bridal crown - if that is the correct english word for it I look forwad to show you the crown but that will have to wait until the workes outside have stopped drilling. So if you see one of these don't throw it away!

I put it next to a teaspone so you'll se the sieze of it.